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Scientific Translation & Editorial Services

Scientific Translation & Editorial Services is a business unit of Magnum Group specializing in the translation and editing of research manuscripts for publication in leading English-language journals.

You’ve done the research.
Now let us help you polish
your paper for publication.

Publishing in a foreign language can be challenging.
Magnum Group has translated and edited manuscripts for the leading scientific, medical, and technical companies in the United States.
Put our experience to work for you.



Is your paper written in a
language other than English?

Our translators are native speakers of English with expertise in your subject matter. We can provide you with an accurate and readable English-language version of your manuscript with nothing lost in translation.



Is your paper written in English?

Our editors will polish your manuscript so it reads as if it had been written by a native speaker. Editing your submission for grammar, style, and readability ensures your audience will fully understand your work.

Please note: Editing for language does not include editing for content.

Contact Brian Middleton for a free price quote
and a special rate for SLAS authors.

* Please attach a copy of your manuscript to the e-mail.